About MOVE

Malaysian Organization of Volunteer Exchange (MOVE) is formed by a group of Malaysian professionals from different background, who participated in voluntary works in Malaysia and abroad; who see some situations can be improved by voluntary works. We try to turn our thoughts and free time into some real actions, and of course learning and enjoying it in the same time.

Few of us met during the first ever international workcamp organized by Yayasan Salam-Malaysia in cooperation with NICE-Japan, back in September 2004. Things picked-up pretty fast and MOVE was conceptualized in late 2004. We started off with some simple weekend workcamps while planning for our next move. Come March 2005, MOVE organized the first international workcamp at Klang Special School, in cooperation with NICE.

By definition, workcamp is a form of voluntary service. In a workcamp, young people (usually 10-20 person) from different country, race, culture, social status, gender, belief etc. will spend 2 to 3 weeks living, eating, learning, working together to support social, cultural, ecological, etc. projects. Usually host will provide food and accommodation while volunteers offer their labor force, thoughts, ideas, etc. It's a mutual and alternative learning environment that will bring benefits to all parties, especially local community (host and volunteer).

Few of MOVE's main aims are:

1. To strengthen sense of unity, belonging and identity among young Malaysian
2. To organize voluntary service activity in-cooperation with various non-governmental organizations (NGOs), local communities and insolated minority groups.
3. To promote global understanding, friendship and solidarity through voluntary service.

As a voluntary movement we expect to work with people and NGOs of all kind, at different level. We see ourselves as a bridge among those who involved direcetly or indirectly in our project. This is important because at this moment, there are many existing NGOs and inviduals who are doing some great jobs - All we need is some communication, dialogue and hopefully we can gather our force and expertise to generate even bigger and more powerful movement. We also wish to be active in training, promoting and publishing our works and ideas.

The other idea is to make our group as efficient (even though small) as possible and as Malaysian as possible. Much of the current social issues evolved around the similar cause, like lack of understanding and acceptance. National Service is a good start, helping youth to mingle with each other, learn to care, understand and respect each other's culture and religion.

Certainly, MOVE need more supports in terms of volunteers and interested hosts. Our growth largely depends on idea and contribution from those who are willing to "be the change they want to see".